We created, named, designed, packaged and marketed an all-natural, vegan, sustainable mood management brand. Launching with occasion-based products for relaxation, sex, sleep and more, they products contain blends of CBD, mood enhance, crafted natural ingredients and Cannabis, with the intent to expand into psilocybin.

We conceptualised and activated a brand to cut through the daily monotony and deliver life-affirming moments. The mandate was to create an identity and a family of products to boldly inspire and ignite passion in our adventurous, dynamic and ambitious audience sets.

Crafting a mesmerising identity to make us a magnet for pleasure-seekers. Rooting the business in the philosophy of challenging the expected to experience life at its most vibrant, we devised a brand strategy, identity, product and packaging design, disruptive naming conventions, copywriting, photography, and a go-to-market strategy to make this concept a 360-degree reality.