Ever thought of having a coffee bean as coffee packaging?

The packaging is designed for a homegrown traditional coffee brand Mismifi. The packaging falls under the Luxury section of the brand and is an example of an exploratory/ unconventional form.

The outer packaging is a rigid strong form that keeps the glass coffee container safe inside. The packaging has various elements to it that talk about the brand’s values of love and care with the way the top and bottom of the packaging come together. There are three sections to the packaging- The middle section has a flat surface inside to hold the coffee jar stable, in addition, there is a small envelope attached to one of the sections to hold your bill. The sections contain several other branding elements like a Coffee scale, brand story, a small souvenir, and sachet tastings of other brand flavors.

The material used in the packaging is MDF, Leather paper sheets, and magnets.

The closed case creates curiosity in the customers and invites them to open the box, the response received from the users was phenomenal and customers were ambitious to store this exploratory packaging and later reuse it for various purposes.

Even though the individual forms are asymmetric the packaging holds the coffee jar in a very stable condition.