Luis Carlos Casero, promoter of Minúscula Wines, sought to capture moments. That his wines, without great oenological pretensions, should serve to enjoy life and accompany situations. What is vital and essential is the experience, the wine has to accompany, without monopolising, that magical second in which the conversation flows. That glass of wine at the end of the day to reflect on what has been experienced. Wines conceived to enhance the value of everyday life – not to overshadow it, but simply to round it off. Our proposal draws on this idea and is inspired by how flocks of birds act and behave in company and the beauty with which they move in community at a very specific moment: at dusk. Aesthetically beautiful, the flock frames this moment without stealing the limelight.


  • Visually achieve a harmonious, beautiful, and delicate impact.
  • Be able to transfer the brand’s purpose of accompanying moments to the packaging.
  • Visual poetry which conveys good feelings and anticipates the pleasure of simplicity, of the little things.


Framing these situations of sharing, of reflecting on the day we have experienced, became the leitmotif of the project, so that the packaging would undoubtedly and recurrently reflect the ambition of Minúscula Wines: to highlight the value of the little things, that which is close to us, as an accompaniment to what is meaningful and that which we hold dear. Instante emerged as a name which captured this intention and also served to highlight that spark of the moment, that split second, when starlings, in a flock, take flight, and together create a beautiful, unique, and intense aerial ballet. Synchronicity and subtle perfection are enhanced by framing a warm, reddish sunset which hints at a common form. Siete amigos is a more mature proposal, one in which the wine evolves and requires a greater commitment in order to be enjoyed. Flocks of starlings are characterised by a curious phenomenon: each starling adjusts its movement depending on that of the seven neighbours surrounding it – a trait irrespective of their number and density. Nature, once again, wisely opens the way.


Few but well-dosed elements serve to clearly identify what we are proposing. Collective enjoyment, beauty, harmony… A typographic subtlety which is not the main element, but rather merely accompanies the scene which describes magically, metaphorically and in a very real way, the purpose for which Minúscula Wines are intended. The graphic essence is summed up in a composition which captures the viewer’s interest at a glance, seeking to provoke the desire and attraction to know more about wine by highlighting the practically untouched beauty of nature. Fusing sunset and dusk with nature, expressing a desire to group together and to collaborate.

PRODUCTION The importance of this proposal lies in concept rather than production technique. All materials used are based on the premise of being easily producible and environmentally friendly. Non-polluting inks, raw paper, and a combination of materials of obvious natural origin have been used.


@minusculawines packaging which reflects a longing to be wines to accompany day-to-day life, reality. Pure visual poetry, in which nature, aesthetically beautiful, frames that precise moment without stealing the limelight, capturing the viewer’s interest.

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