Miut is a branding and packaging concept of a mead – alcoholic beverage made out of fermented honey. №2 is referring to the traditional mead classification of „Dwójniak”, which means that it consists of two equal portion of water and honey. We wanted to give a fun and playful spin to a category dominated by „serious and historical” approach.

„Drink mead & be healthy!” – Said the Bear putting his paw into a jar of honey. Both bear and mead likes to rest for a long time to age appropriately and reach good maturity, but somehow Bear although old, doesn’t seem to be mature at all. As he is the biggest connoisseur of this exquisite beverage, we captured his majesty directly on the glass bottle next to the golden logo Miut, which is exactly how he likes to call his favorite treat, by misspelling polish word „Miód” (ang. Mead).

We added paper bottleneck seal to make clear that nobody got to your precious stash and additional label with all the important stuff.

Drink Miut & be healthy!