Mompo estudio

Pl. de la Diputación, 46184 San Antonio de Benagéber, Valencia, España

The client contacted us to be able to do a restaling of the Santerra brand. The wine is a Bobal Reserva, with a lot of body and very powerful tannins. The first thing we did was find out about the meaning of “Santerra” (holy land) and we decided to investigate this term.

Investigating, we saw that the holy land has a very distinctive bluish building with a golden dome. We decided that this was going to be the basis of our starting point to be able to carry out the final idea.

Later we saw that the holy land is associated with many mysteries and with an era full of hieroglyphs and writings with very interesting and mysterious meanings.

That is why we decided to make a secret inscription between hieroglyphs in which I would reveal by scratching between the bluish wall and the stamping, the name of santerra. We also decided to use gold stamping to associate it with those golds in the vault.

For the choice of the bottle, we decided on the “BD BMS” model of “Estal”, since it has its base as a particularity, which has a functionality for full-bodied wines and thus keep the dregs separated.

For the paper we decided to use the “Constellation Snow E48 Intreccio” by “Fredigoni”, for its original texture and because it maintains the finishes very well. It gives the project the prestige it deserves.

On the other hand, for the area at the top of the bottle, we decided to incorporate a small collar with the information of the “Cross” of the holy land and also to give it more mystery, we decided to give it a sealing wax that would cover it and thus continue with the disclosure of mysterious information. In order for the upper part not to lose strength, we decided to give them the same finishes as the front label.

In conclusion, we can say that this project is full of history and that we have met expectations. There is always a reason for making decisions and carrying out the project.