Indiana, USA

Designer: Casie Bear (Ball State University)

Professor: Shantanu Suman

Products: Liquid Blush, Lipstick Bullet, Eyeshadow Palette

The process began with creating a logo suit of the seven deadly sins and eventually picking three for the three packages. The theme is combining circus performance acts and circus animals. The ones selected were Sloth (combining snakes and target girls/knife throwers), Greed (combining sea lions and jugglers), and Pride (combining the ringmaster and peacocks).

To relate with the overall theme of the circus, a makeup umbrella company was chosen to best represent the logos. That becoming ‘Soleil Cosmetics’, named after cirque du soleil. The goal with the umbrella company and eventually the packages themselves is to provide products that represented the indulgence of ‘sin’ and the carefree fun that came with the circus and with the concept of ‘sinning’. Therefore, makeup became the sole idea of these products because circus performers are usually seen wearing bold makeup looks for the audience.

All of the packages are inspired by the broad vertical stripes of circus tents, pattern-blocking, silhouette imagery of old circus posters, and a slight gothic inspiration for an edgier and fun look.

The liquid blush uses both a box and a label on the bottle. Both use attributes from the logo’s concept throughout the packaging: Silhouettes of snake bodies, knife icons creating a rhythm pattern on the front, and the shape of the blades used to have the necessary information on the sides. Blue is used because it’s normal association with Sloth, being a calming and relaxing color, but pushed to be more saturated and bordering neon to have that bold appeal. Dark blue was used to make sure the stripe pattern wasn’t too heavy visually. White was used for the text box to bring contrast and to have enough reading space for the viewer.

The lipstick uses primary packaging (the tube) and secondary packaging (the box). Attributes of its logo were used throughout the designs. Silhouettes of sea lion tails on the sides and on the twistable component of the lipstick tube, juggling balls making the same rhythm pattern on the striped pattern, and a round shape used to contain text for readability. Yellow was used for the same association with greed, as it is a similiar color to wealth and material items, but was also pushed to be more saturated and having a darker contrast color companion to creat its patterns. White using to contain text for readability and contrast with the colors.

The eyeshadow palette has its primary packaging (the palette itself) and secondary packaging (a moveable sleeve). It, like its other counter parts, uses attributes of its main logo: Sihlouettes of stylized peacock feathers and icons of stars making the same rhythm pattern of the stripes. The back is different compared to the other two packages because it contained more information that needed whitespace to be read clearly. There is an image of a whip on the back of the palette itself framing the information to help bring attention towards it while being in theme while the sleeve only has feathers because most of the time users throw away the packaging makeup comes in. It also uses the fun circular style of displaying shade names on circular pan patterns and stars on either side of the back logo. The inside of the palette itself is kept simple as it would not be distracting from the eyeshadow itself, using singular colors on the top and bottom with little imagery: feathers and the logo at the top of the mirror and stars on the sides of where the pans are. The middle fold uses stripes to keep a touch of the fun within the inside of the palette. Violet is uses for its normal association with Pride, being the color of royalty and monarchy, but it is once again kept more saturated for a more neon-esque image and having a darker contrast counterpart to help it stand out more while keeping it lighter visually.