Popcorn Shed – Santa’s Grotto

Studio Unbound

Glasgow, UK

Studio Unbound and Popcorn Shed have collaborated once again and this time, to sprinkle some festive joy!

Not shy about getting into the Christmas spirit, Popcorn Shed and Studio Unbound have created Christmas baubles to hang on your tree, each filled with three delicious flavours. Imagine, you’re getting cosy by the fire after a beautiful Christmas dinner, about to settle down to watch your favourite Christmas movie. Your tree lights are sparkling, the baubles are glistening, but shining brighter than any is that Popcorn Shed bauble, It’s making eyes at you from across the room. So, you reach towards it and help yourself to the delicious choice of gourmet popcorn waiting inside, sometimes Christmas wishes really do come true!.

When Popcorn Shed approached Studio Unbound they knew they had to start with the structure of the bauble, intentionally mimicking the shed shape of Popcorn Shed’s core range. This iconic shape was important to capture to make sure the new product was undeniably them.

For the graphic, Studio Unbound wanted to create something that was visually decorative so it wouldn’t look out of place when it was hung on consumers glitter and tinsel adorn Christmas trees.

Studio Unbound designed an abstracted pattern that was inspired by a Christmas star. They then selected certain shards that were picked out in a pantone metallic gold to give that extra Christmassy sparkle.

The Popcorn Shed logo is embossed over this pattern to add a textural depth, with simple typography for the product descriptors to keep the packaging simple and decorative.

The result is a kaleidoscopic burst of shards and colour that creates a visually impactful and most importantly a festive design, that would be the perfect finishing touch to any Christmas tree.

Studio Unbound is a small-but-mighty branding studio that works with aspiring founders of FMCG brands. They always try to deliver work that’s a little different, breaks the mould, and demands to be noticed.


Studio Unbound

Glasgow, UK
Creative Lead: James Fishlock
Founder and Creative: Martyn Garrod
Popcorn Shed