Submarine Specialty Coffee: Coffee Roaster Rebranding


SUBMARINE is a new name of Roasting Brew, the coffee roaster. Having gained a foothold as a coffee expert, the company decided to rebrand: to become more understandable not only for connoisseurs but also for a wider audience of specialty coffee lovers.

The task is to maintain the positioning (a guide to specialty coffee), but change the name and visual image. We have developed the brand logo, corporate identity, and package design. The company needed to become more friendly and understandable. The previous image solved its tasks, but it was taken as too serious, elite, “not for everybody”. In the new style, a slightly careless, freely and originally written name becomes a logo. A submarine is added there, replacing the Roasting Brew space diver.

The feeling of mysticism and sacredness fades away, the atmosphere of a fun journey and game appears. The brand is turning from an arrogant guru into a curious researcher ready to poke his brave nose in everything. This story is continued with ridiculous cartoon animals placed on the pack.