This heroically ambitious food hall and culinary paradise by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has been realized at the former site of New York’s iconic Fulton Fish Market. The Seaport’s colorful past inspired our brand identity, which blends the gritty, utilitarian spirit of the former market with the sophistication of Jean-Georges’ elevated cuisine.

We created the branding for all 53,000 square feet of Tin Building, including six restaurants, six counter eateries, four bars, three markets, one candy shop, wayfinding and signage, retail merchandise, and a curated private food label with 24 product lines and over 400 SKUs.

The massive scale of the private label was a perfect opportunity for us to leverage the power of packaging. We created a distinct look for each product line, while always retaining a link to the core identity.

From high-end chocolates co-produced with Jacques Torres, to everyday sauces and marinades, we tailored our design to fit each product line. Refined finishes and a keen attention to detail reflect the high caliber of Jean-Georges’ collection for the Tin Building. This design approach for each product line allowed the packaging as a whole to feel cohesive but never corporate.



Creative Director: Matteo Bologna
Design Director: Andrea Brown
Lead Designer: Sean O'Connor
Designer: Karla Pasten
Designer: Chris Caldwell
Designer & Strategist: Maria Silva Mora
3D Visualization: Gabriel Cellini
Photographer: Giada Paoloni
Jean-Georges Restaurant Group