Tio Pepe Estrella de los Mares

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The story of Tío Pepe “Star of the Seas”

Last February, two boots of this Jerez icon began a journey on the School Ship that would take them to various points in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. A journey that ended in July, when the ship arrived in Cádiz. On board a special wine had arrived and different from the one that was shipped. It is “Tío Pepe Estrella de los Mares”, a “round trip” Fino that has evolved in an exceptional way, reaching a greater richness of aromas and nuances.

It has done so in the scenario that the sea has given it and that caused it to be common in the past to send boots on long journeys so that factors such as temperature, pressure and, above all, the continuous sway of the sea waves, influence the aging of the wine, significantly improving its organolepsy. In the past, these conditions caused the value of the wines, known as “dizzy” or “round trip” wines, to multiply by five.

Now, González Byass returns to this story with “Tío Pepe Estrella de los Mares”, a wine from the 2016 vintage, from two different estates, Macharnudo and Carrascal, which is pure elixir. There are only 600 bottles of this Jerez whose finesse, as well as its aging method, under the “veil of flower”, made this adventure an oenological challenge. A challenge that nature, the sea and the Spanish Armada have helped to overcome in a remarkable way.

This scenario has led to “Tío Pepe Estrella de los Mares” has evolved exceptionally. This biologically aged wine, a living wine, has undergone a noble and singular evolution that has marked the character of this navigating Tío Pepe. Also, inside the boots a “submerged aging” * has taken place, which has given it unique nuances.

This evolution has resulted in this “round trip” Fino, a unique Tío Pepe sculpted by the ups and downs of the journey. Golden yellow warmth with olive green reflections and slightly veiled due to the yeasts in suspension. Pungent and citric nose, with delicate oxidative notes followed by elegant aromas of wood and bread. Its fine, spicy and savory mouth plunges into a world where the past and the present come together to commemorate the great feat represented by the first circumnavigation of the earth.

González Byass’ round-trip wines

“Tío Pepe Estrella de los Mares” has arrived from the sea to show an exceptional treasure and a very special story that already has chapters starring “XC Palo Cortado”, an exceptional Jerez wine that traveled, in 2018, the Atlantic and the Pacífico in the flagship of the Navy. Two years later, in 2020, “Viña AB Estrella de los Mares”, a unique Amontillado, went around the world during Elcano’s 93rd cruise.

Now, González Byass culminates the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world carried out by the Magallanes-Elcano expedition with Tío Pepe, its iconic wine. With this trilogy of “round trip” wines, González Byass makes history and allows the lover of Jerez to travel through time and get closer to the exploits of those sailors.

*Submerged aging: the navigation conditions and the location in the ship’s hold, practically at sea level and with a more or less uniform temperature throughout the voyage, have meant that the yeast, which is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, suffered less. The two half-boots have had a vacuum of 10 liters each, which has allowed the ups and downs of the boat to sink the flower, causing a greater contact surface and a more intense metabolism due to the oxygen dissolved in the wine.