Wild Island by Dilmah – Visual Identity & Packaging Design

We were approached by Dilmah to create a totally new brand, using high quality, artisanal ingredients to be sold to Western markets as a premium range outside of the Dilmah brand name.

With a unique and diverse island eco-system, we wanted to showcase all of the beauty the island has to offer, and how everything works in harmony to provide an abundance of produce. Our creative concept was inspired by ‘Home Gardens’; a key part of all village communities in Sri Lanka where inhabitants grow their own produce for a self-sustaining organic lifestyle, in turn attracting tropical birds and bees for pollination.

Our brand story and tagline were developed from this concept, with a focus on high quality, natural ingredients, all ‘handmade from our gardens’ from ‘the hearts of our communities’. To represent the rich biota of Sri Lanka that live in and around the home gardens of the island and help to create all Wild Island products, we created a series of detailed illustrations that were reminiscent of a botanical illustration style used when documenting natural species for scientific purposes. With a wide range of products, we created an expansive illustration series of birds, flowers, leaves and ingredients tea featured on boxes and all extended brand assets.

The outcome was an expansive packaging range with an authentic brand story that connected the people of the island the intricate balance of Sri Lanka’s eco-system, represented by a large illustration library that can be applied to social, web, print and beyond as the brand grows and develops.