State of São Paulo, Brazil

Zäsh was founded in 2021 in Toronto-Canada by a group of women entrepreneurs.

A new interactive shopping experience connects brands with fashion lovers. Service-based retail-as-a-service online for the online.

For the conception of the different concepts and the graphic support, simple illustrations in vibrant, fun, and lively colors were used, which had the function of creating a strong emotional connection with the customers.

On the one hand, the black and white design is used for accessible printing, on the other hand, it conveys the brand’s core values: clean and modern. The simple packaging design allows for vivid illustrations to be changed while maintaining brand identity.

The Direct-to-Customer sales strategy offers our customers the possibility of opting for economical packaging, frequently changing the packaging illustrations, and adding new stories with the end customer.

We developed a visual system with dynamic responses to the different needs of the brand, to echo the multifacetedness of the customers. Bold graphic execution captures the vibe of the city and brings it into the international spotlight.

From minimalist black and white to vibrant and colorful and more striking people. With the identity, we wanted to express their brand values and concept. Packaging awakens a unique experience for the end consumer in their purchase journey.

The entire project was developed in partnership with a UX/UI designer so that the sales platform and the website respected the Brand Identity.