Bismak crispy crackers


Bismak crispy crackers.

One of the clients contacted me with a request to update the design of cracker packages. The brand has been present on the market for a long time and has lost ground since its release. You know, a cracker is a classic, well-known product, it’s not a novelty that needs large funds for advertising, you are unlikely to change its recipe and you will certainly not be able to lower its cost. So how can we highlight it? One of the few ways is design.

The secrets of attractive packaging in the lower price segment are unique lettering, well-chosen background color, and a beautiful composition with the image of the product itself. There were no problems with the lettering and background but the composition of the product image was a complex issue. There were three shapes of crackers: fish, hearts, and animals. It was really hard to find a common element suitable for all the cracker types. Whatever I did the composition looked empty and incomplete. Then I came up with the image of a bear cub. I created a unique scene with a bear cub for each type of cracker. The mascot not only completed the look of the package but also highlighted it from competitors on the shelf. No need to say the mascot will help the
brand to promote advertising and marketing strategies. It’s a unique way to connect and interact with your audience. This example shows that the creation of a unique talisman is not the prerogative of large market participants and is not such a difficult job. Be aware of this opportunity.