Rushil Bhatnagar

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

” Ice Creams carry a special magic to make people smile. ”

Journey of Burma Burma Restaurant ( India ) food is inspired by their cofounder Ankit Gupta’s mother’s kitchen. Bringing the beauty of authentic Burmese cuisine and the love of sharing food at home, lies at the heart of what they do. Deep rooted connections with flavors, stories and nostalgia, and the sweet love of forgotten, handwritten recipes, they wanted to share it all with the world.

Burma Burma now embarks on a journey for a new range of Artisanal Ice Creams. With palette friendly flavors & people’s favorite, the experimentation goes beyond the kitchen to innovate with nostalgia. At its core, the team at Burma Burma is constantly inspired by everyday ingredients living with them since they were kids. Ice Cream rituals such as visiting Parlors, Birthday Parties, Bowls shared with families & guests, played an equal part in the creation of each flavor. Thus making this new range accessible and enjoyable for all ages.

With a visual perception pertaining to small batch ice creams, the packaging designed by Rushil Bhatnagar looks to break through the monotony by encapsulating the feeling of Vintage Parlors and Ice Cream Trucks. The Design Process was also set on an additional challenge of representing the flavors without the usage of scooped out Ice Cream on the labels.

Paying homage to 80’s Parlor Chequered Decors & Stencil Painted Typography, the packaging labels carry layered up patterns with colors drawn from core ingredients of each flavor. Inspired by such parlors/trucks rituals to write new ingredients/flavors on their own standees, the core ingredients are circled out in close proximity to the flavor names on the label. Flavor names are presented with a clean typeface flowing across the label following the layered up patterns and ingredients distributed as you go round the tub while indulging in nostalgia.

Burma Burma’s Artisanal Ice Cream is now available at their Restaurants in India for Hyper-Local Delivery and In-Restaurant!