CORIZZ brand will appear in the market with a wide range of Armenian dried fruits, produced in Mrgavan village of Ararat region. Dried fruits are carefully hand-picked with love and will surpass the consumer’s ideas about the taste of real Armenian dried fruits. Natural dry products processed with modern technologies and under high sanitary and hygienic conditions will be presented in the Armenian and international markets.

WELL PR Studio was in charge of the full branding, naming, and packaging of the product. The deeper goal of the branding was to create an outstanding and memorable brand identity for the product in order to be able to win its place on the market.

The professionals of WELL PR Studio suggested a classical yet interesting approach of using zip pouch packaging as a main product. The main aspect of the design is custom-made illustrations of the Armenian fruits along with a colorful background for the packaging. The packaging indicates that the product inside is 100% natural, and highlights all the useful information for the consumer in order to be safe and satisfied.

The slogan of the product is “Hand-picked with love”. This phrase has a special meaning for the producer, as the quality of the product CORIZZ represents is truly unique in the market. Along with the slogan, the packaging highlights the motto of the brand, encouraging the consumers to “choose their healthy snack and get the daily dose of vitamins and sunny mood”. From the branding perspective, this aims to create a long-term relationship with consumers and become noticed among the younger generation as a healthy and tasty product.