Tea; The drink that we Iranians consume the most after water.A plant with strong antioxidants and sometimes so important that it has its own party and customs in the culture of some countries, such as: The tea ceremony in Japan, the Queen of England’s tea party, packaging design for various tea and tea products are always considered attractive projects for graphic designers and creative teams, and we are no exception to this rule. Ahmad Dadkhah tea collection with Ahmad Dadkhah brands and Kurosh, as well as Demnoosh with Dr. Bes brand and in the field of saffron with Ahmed Dadkhah brand, they started a new collaboration with Fahar brand development studio, which has started with the redesign of sixteen products of Korosh tea brand in the first phase. Good mood, good employer, good design.

At Fahar Brand Development Studio, we are proud to have done many graphic works for Cyrus tea, including tea packaging design, marketing and internal catalog design, poster design, website design and SEO, and other works.