House Party Cheesy Dips


Napa, CA, USA

LOCA Foods Rebrands as House Party to pay homage to the rich history of American cheese sauce 

January 2023

LOCA Foods, Inc. rebrands as House Party in a nod to the rich history of American cheese sauces and how it was originally marketed— as a “party fancy” food perfect for “glamorizing vegetables” in dishes like cheesy taters, bean casseroles and crock pot dips to serve to guests at house parties. Founder, Lauren Joyner, grew up eating these foods, all of which started her lifelong love affair with cheese dip. They’re still part of the Southern cuisine she enjoys today (with a dairy-free, modern twist!).

The new label design brings a sense of delight and is immediately memorable on shelf. The minimal illustration tells a big story— our cow mascot is ready to party, holding the cheesy dip and welcoming you into their home. Pulling from traditional dairy product packaging, the cow is a direct nod to consumers that we’re signaling dairy. However, the dairy-free and plant-based descriptors make it clear; this cow is free to party.

The company name change was a timely decision as the company prepares for both retail and foodservice expansion in 2023. The new branding and packaging will give the brand a longer runway for product innovation and expansion, and be more engaging to consumers on retail shelves.

About House Party

Based in Northern California, House Party makes cheesy sauces from vegetables– with a more nutritious label, allergy-free ingredient list and smaller environmental footprint in comparison to cheese sauce made from animals. The company was founded in 2019 by Lauren Joyner, formerly a brand and UX designer at notable U.S. startups such as Lookout, Inc. and Crew App and Ascent program mentee/mentor for emerging female leaders in tech at Sequoia Capital.

Photography: Lauren Joyner, Aubrie Pick

Packaging design & renaming: Lauren Joyner