Vermouth is currently in vogue, and adults (in the 35-45 age range) recognize that drinking vermouth is a social good, as it promotes relationships and adds a touch of glamour. A social lubricant in growing demand.

Bodegas Salado has vermouth that does not connect with this consumer. With outdated and depersonalized visual codes, they propose to make it attractive, taking advantage of the fact that it is a fashionable, trending product.

At the same time, there is a generational change in the winery, and they want to pay homage to its origins, both visually and verbally, with a vintage air that transports us to another time of consumption, more of a bar. atmosphere, enjoying a classic tavern setting.


  • Tribute to grandmother Brígida and hers, her famous vermouth Pedro Ximénez. The magic and charm of Andalusia, bottled as an aperitif.
  • Create an image that transports the consumer to a specific moment in time and connects with a vintage aesthetic to add layers of symbolism.
  • Use of a bottle that clearly highlights the Andalusian origin of this proposal and also serves to provide more information to the consumer.
  • A narrative layer that explains, through storytelling, what distinguishes Bodegas Salado in an endless ocean of Vermouths.


The restyling of the vermouth label takes us into the history of the winery, reinterpreting the messages of old designs to synthesize and summarize more than 200 years of tradition.

A respectful work based on the classic tavern sign makers of yesteryear. Old masters who, through countless years of experience and knowledge of their trade, were able to reproduce a freehand typographic style in their creations. A meticulous, delicate, subtle work embodied in a totally typographic label that reflects this art.

An absence of color, allows the metallic silver that creates the impression of a sculpted label in relief to accentuate this effect. An intelligent mix of craftsmanship in the use of different weights in the fonts, ensures a forceful, clear, and visually impressive result. Hyperbolic messages transport us to the advertising verbalization of the eighteenth century.


We use metallic paper as a base, enriching it with patterns to accentuate and enhance the historical character of the vermouth. This a classic review of all the means and techniques that serve to be even more faithful to the moment that we want to portray to the consumer.


Vermouth is in fashion. A drink that acts as a social lubricant and is experiencing a renaissance. Bodegas Salado is focused on lovers of vintage, with a clear inspiration in the old machine dishes found in neighborhood taverns of yesteryear. A typographic exercise in which each element describes, highlights and anticipates the consumer experience.

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