Montréal, QC, Canada


La Tablée des Chefs is a non-profit with a 20-year history of fighting to overcome food insecurity. To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the organization launched a limited-time sparkling apple must, Les Bulles Solidaires, to fund its mission. At the time, our mandate was to design and illustrate the label, and to think of a way to promote the product. It was supposed to be a single label, but the more we discussed with their team, the more we uncovered bits and pieces of their fascinating history.


To raise awareness, amplify this launch and to represent the impact of the organization over the years, we created 20 different labels – 20 illustrated apples that depict, in their own way, a specific moment in the history of La Tablée. Many were hand-drawn, others were illustrated with Procreate and one was done in Cinema 4D. From 1 to 20, each label bears a unique name and a QR code holds a story that retraces how the non-profit made a difference in people’s lives since 2002.


With its unique presentation and its limited-time offer, Les Bulles Solidaires were perfect for collectors and apple-must aficionados alike. It filled its two principal purposes: celebrating the rich history of the La Tablée des Chefs and funding its noble effort for many more years.