pew. design bureau

Los Angeles, CA, USA

pew. were approached by Lipton to create unique packaging for a limited edition tin box. Initially an online activation/stunt, Lipton requested different designs that will be posted up for voting by Lipton fans; where the winning design will get to the production phase. Under Lipton’s umbrella campaign “Hello Egypt”, the packaging designs were to feature 4 major Egyptian municipalities: Cairo, Alexandria, Upper Egypt and Delta. The process started with intensive research. First and foremost, we jumped on trains and started asking questions.

Through our travels around the major cities, we’ve come to one conclusion; each city drinks and serves Lipton tea differently. Some were more traditional, and others experimental, but all of them loved drinking their tea with a view. Our team decided to capture those unique monuments that identified each city under one consistent system that juxtaposes Lipton’s usual packaging.

The main goal was to make sure the new package stood out in stores and increase its visibility, but also to make sure these boxes were reusable once the tea inside was consumed. The package becomes a souvenir of your full tea experience.