Loona croissant.

Be bold, and think differently. Indeed, you often come across motivational quotes from famous people. But do you think about what it is “to think differently”? What does the noise of other people’s opinions mean? And where do you find the courage to follow your heart and mind? Can a designer put this into practice? My answer is yes. Even one person can change the game’s rules with no need for large investments, strategic market research, focus groups, and other similar husks. All you need is to dream and fantasize.

A small provincial company (20 employees only) sent me a request to create a packaging design for a croissant. Their goods were sold at a very low price and without any packaging. Despite the good quality of the product, the company could not compete with the big players on an equal footing. And of course, there could be no question of any large investments in advertising and marketing. While shopping noticed that all market participants have approximately the same design – the brand logo and the image of the croissant itself. In all cases, the design had a horizontal orientation, although due to lack of display space, all croissants were placed vertically and it didn’t look good. Also, I found out that the buyers of the croissant are schoolchildren, mostly from primary school. Is interesting for a child this design, would be there an emotional connection between such a design and a buyer, and would this design work? I could repeat a similar style, but is it worth doing it? But I thought differently and followed my heart. Inspired by the recent watch of the Luka animation I decided to create a similar character with a croissant in his hand. After finishing the boy, I thought it would be fair to draw a girl too. The new character provided the product with additional display space.

I believe this brand will have a long way to go, and I am happy that it was I who told it the first steps.