Purissima is a new vegan spread with sunflower seeds and cashews as two main components.

What is important for Purissima as a brand, and what can be described in one word, is “versatility”. Versatility in many ways: From those who are health/nutritional conscious, to those who simply want to refresh their everyday food with some new product.

Thinking about Purissima as a unique meal, because that’s what Purissima really is, we come to the conclusion that its versatility works on several levels: not only as a spread, but also as a special addition to dishes, both vegetarian and vegan, as well as those made with different types of meat and meat processed products.

From this, it can be concluded that Purissima has the potential to reach wide groups of people with different cultural backgrounds.
It is important to emphasize that Purissima is primarily composed out of premium quality ingredients, the base of which is sunflower seeds and cashews. Ingredients that have been proven to have positive effects on human health.

By avoiding trans fats, additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colors and aromas, as well as through the production process itself, we can guarantee a spread that is suitable for all age groups, and which, due to its exotic but at the same time recognizable taste, can be marketed very easily on all continents and in all cultures.

The goal of Purissima is to change habits.

Through certain studies, which can be easily read in professional magazines such as Nature, a link has been established between the consumption of meat products and the occurrence of autoimmune diseases. Our desire is to make society better, leaving the generations to come with healthier habits and a better quality of life.


The design is simple and modular with clear color coding system. The goal is to make the design as adaptable as possible for further product extensions such as ready-to-eat meals, vegan sausages and more.


The product is currently in the distribution phase, but the first reactions are overwhelmingly positive both from distributors and customers.