RENÉE – Premium Water

Mohi Hassan

A digital studio specialized in crafting memorable brands that inspire people.

The client:

RENÉE is a brand that personifies rebirth through its eco-friendly technology, which converts atmospheric air into pure water.

The challenge:

The target market for RENÉE is large and diverse, with many products that may be indirectly competitive. Our biggest challenge was to create a unique and remarkable visual identity and bottle design that would differentiate RENÉE from its indirect competitors and convey the brand’s innovative and sustainable values.

Our goal was to design a visual brand identity and bottle that reflected the brand’s vision and strategy and left a powerful and lasting impression on the market. We faced the challenge of crafting a bottle design that was unique to the eye and memorable to the user.

The solution:

We developed a visual brand identity for RENÉE that incorporated innovative and eco-friendly themes and conveyed the brand’s values of sustainability and rebirth. This included a logo, color palette, typography, and graphic elements that were used consistently across all media to create a cohesive and professional brand image.

We also designed a unique bottle that stood out in the market and effectively communicated the brand’s message. We worked on the bottle design from start to finish, including the material, to create a product that was truly unique and remarkable. The combination of these elements helped RENÉE differentiate itself from its indirect competitors and establish a strong presence in the market, thanks to its innovative approach to converting atmospheric air into pure water and its memorable bottle design.


Mohi Hassan

A digital studio specialized in crafting memorable brands that inspire people.
Bottel Photoshoot: Amr El Saadany
Bottel Photoshoot: CFF Agency