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Studio Ethur Ethur – Tooth & Nail Wine Co. “Dens Clavus” Series

Studio Ethur Ethur is a nimble, brand building design agency partnering with innovative brands in consumer packaged goods, food, beverage & lifestyle markets. Our creative team is made up of thoughtful designers, dreamers, and that couples intent with strategic project management.

Tooth & Nail Wine Co. is a sustainable winery out of the infamous viticulture region of Paso Robles, CA. Leaning into the themes of nature, adaptability, and the forces that drive us, Tooth & Nail is determined to bring a unique decadence to the table. Led by winemaker Jeremy Leffert, our process accentuates the character of our product instead of obstructing it. The results are wines that are as adaptive and exciting as the journey we take in crafting them.

Fall 2022, Tooth & Nail Wine Co. finalized their harvest season with a estate series set of wines titled “Dens Clavus”. With the single vineyard fermentation coming from the estates property in Paso Robles, the line is compromised of 2019 Malbec, 2019 Tempranillo, & 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. Big, bold reds, these wines were created to age well with time.

Creative direction for these estate wines roots in traditional French label design aesthetics, featuring ornate Chateau’s & the landscapes that surround them. But, this series comes with a twist: Mischief on French grounds. Tooth & Nail’s response to the elite, these varietals illustrate a defaced French Chateau with the graffiti mark “Dens Clavus” which translates to Tooth & Nail, clearly depicting their position as disruptors in the wine industry.