WHIM Spacecoast Flamingo Flavored Whiskey


Chicago, IL, USA

Burlock and Barrel have a core family of products that focuses on the rich history of distilling and spirits in North East Florida that dates back to prohibition. The name is derived from the rich history of spirits in Jacksonville, FL during prohibition. Most notably the Notorious bootlegger William Frederick McCoy, in short, “Bill McCoy”, who was synonymous with the phrase “the real McCoy”. Bill McCoy served the whole east coast of North America, smuggling spirits up the east coast of the United States, and dealing on Rum Row.

A distillery formed on restoring this rich history and keeping to the routes of distilling with a modern twist, which is evident in their core family of products. But they also are known to be inventive and look at new products and new directions in distilling and for bottled flavored whiskeys.

Whim Spacecoast Flamingo Tropical Fruit Flavored Whiskey follows Honey and Honey Jalapeño, it is a limited release in the family of products of Whim Flavored Whiskey. The name Whim comes from the word whimsical, a touch of playful and unpredictable, Spacecoast Flamingo is the tropical side of Florida with the weird and wild. The name Spacecoast Flamingo refers to Space coast (Florida Space coast) and the Flamingo a tropical bird.

The task was to push the brand more in the whimsical and weird, something that would match the product’s taste and name. A very illustrated design, a flamingo with a Space helmet, on what is a beach moon, to be literal; Spacecoast Flamingo. A pink spray-coated bottle, label printed on a pearlescent paper/substrate.

Spacecoast Flamingo, Stay ahead of the flock.