Abruzzo, Italia

Wines made with spontaneous and wild grapes. Wines made with wild and spontaneous grapes are some of the most unique and flavorful wines out there. The grapes used in these wines are picked directly from the vineyard, taking into account their natural environment and conditions – making them a truly special type of wine. Furthermore, these wines tend to be more diverse and complex in flavor than those produced by traditional methods. Wine bottles with colorful modern labels and bottles have become increasingly popular among wine enthusiasts. These modern designs can range from simple and sleek to bold and eye-catching, providing a visual representation of the taste of the wine inside. Not only are these labels aesthetically pleasing, but each color can signify something about the wine’s characteristics. For example, warm colors like red and orange typically mean that the wine is sweet and fruity, while cooler colors like blue and green often indicate a dry, crisp taste. Wines made with wild and spontaneous grapes combined with modern wine labels and colorful bottles provide a truly unique experience for the wine-lover. With the complexity of flavors and the visual appeal of the bottles, it’s no wonder why these styles of wine have become so popular!

To respect the environment was used the the lightest glass bottle on the market, recycled cork stopper, vinyl label that becomes a sticker to recycle the bottle.