Introducing the new storage brand Store & Order, created by OurCreative.

Storage is worth £1.5billion in the UK alone and forecast to grow. Kin identified an opportunity for a new storage and organisational brand, tapping into the consumer desire to be tidy, organised and house proud.

Following the rise in cleaning and organisation influencers, consumers have found satisfaction in tidying and organising their homes and are happy to share! With homes getting smaller and households constantly accumulating more stuff, customers are looking for clever ways to make the most of their limited space and hide and store their belongings in plain sight. From this, Store & Order was born.

To determine the emotional hook for a very practical brand, we started with a collaborative workshop. Engaging the in-house product designers to fully understand the “what” & “why” of each product category to determine why Store & Order products are unique. This needed to be a down to earth proposition, no judgement here! The product range provides clever, simple solutions to everyday storage problems, that let you spend more time enjoying your home. “Nifty ways to stay neater” sums this up perfectly as the brand proposition.

Our logo radiates happiness, with the sunshine yellow and roof motif symbolising the joy of home. The “SO” lockup adds a conversational tone to headers, perfect for nifty statements and customer reviews. With thoughtful design at the heart of the brand, our sketch style annotations nod back to Kin’s internal product design team and the care and attention that goes into the creation of every product.

Our tone of voice speaks volumes on every pack. Don’t be judgy, lets speak with expertise, honesty and always with a positive outlook on life. A comprehensive brand book brings the brand strategy and brand assets to life, ensuring the sunny personality radiates throughout the customer journey.

A modern, optimistic design, putting the joy back into storage. Our thoughtful and friendly brand identity has a suite of flexible assets to shout about the clever product designs in a humble, helpful way, making it easier for the nation to stay neat.


Creative Director : Jon Dignam
Senior Designer : Beth Middleton
Client Service Director : Sara Pollard
Production Director : Paul Porter