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The Customer
To succeed in one’s role as designer of INVERNO’s champagne packaging, it is essential to grasp the client’s desired outcomes and preferences. The client likely wanted to give off an air of sophistication with their champagne, and that’s what the packaging design was going for. The client requested these colours because they represented “luxury and exclusivity,” which they hoped would attract new customers.

Luxury, Champagne, Label, Elegance, Gold, Silver, and Premium are all appropriate descriptors.

The Answer
The Italian word for “winter,” INVERNO, describes this exclusive champagne collection perfectly. I was asked to create a design for the champagne’s packaging and brand that reflected its high quality, and I was successful.

The design was inspired by the dramatic scenery of the Italian Alps, which is characterised by dark mountain silhouettes against the backdrop of bright snow-capped peaks. The high quality of the champagne was emphasised by using a colour scheme of black and gold, which also conveys an air of exclusivity and luxury. The label design was eye-catching due to its contrast between the black background and the gold accents and the bold typography. The packaging was made to make people feel like this champagne was something to be savoured and appreciated.

The champagne is a blend of demi-sec and reserve that was created with care to deliver a unique and satisfying taste. The bubbles are an exciting bonus, and the rich and fruity flavours strike just the right balance between sweetness and acidity. Because of the lengthy ageing process, this champagne is of the highest quality because it is made in the traditional way.

My work on the INVERNO brand and packaging is one of my proudest achievements as a designer. It exemplifies the level of care and precision I bring to my work, and in my opinion, it stands as a shining example of the highest standards of design and quality. The design is a visual representation of the high calibre and sophistication of INVERNO champagne, and it was carefully crafted to accomplish these goals.

As a final note, I appreciate being part of this groundbreaking endeavour. I believe the INVERNO champagne collection I designed represents the highest standards of quality. It was a privilege to design a bottle that would convey both the high standards of INVERNO champagne and the beauty of the Italian Alps. I think champagne connoisseurs will always appreciate and enjoy this design.