Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Kol Chocolates is a brand 100% focused on zero sugar chocolates, committed to valuing small producers and protecting the environment. Kol’s chocolates are the “bean to bar” type. Coming from producers at the Cabruca Baiana region. Cabruca is the system in which cocoa is planted under the shade of native trees from the Atlantic forest, respecting and preserving its fauna and flora.

The goal of the project was to create a visually appealing brand identity and packaging for Kol Chocolates that reflects the company’s essence and values and enhances its connection with its target audience.

The brand created is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, sophistication and balance. It embodies the essence of cocoa and its maturity, with a rich and captivating color palette. The brand signature can be displayed with or without the counter-shape of the letter “O” filled with cocoa seeds, adding even more personality and sophistication to the design. The official brand typography is Motiva Sans, a highly versatile font that works well in both digital and print media.

For the packaging, we decided to tell the story that involves the origin of our cocoa, bringing illustrations and information that represent animals native to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest where cocoa is produced.

Love and Respect for Those Who Generate, Harvest and Produce.

In this special edition celebrating Easter, we decided to praise the charm of the Atlantic Forest and Brazil. Along the way that cultivates our cocoa, rich in biodiversity and wisdom, you will find magical beings and mystical plants that make our chocolate unique and with an exclusive flavor.