Polar Design

Kyoto, Japan

Art direction, logo design, package design, product copy and pamphlet design for Kyotamba Radish Kyokomari.

The logo, which stylizes the radish as a circle set in a frame, emphasizes the special size of the Kyokomari compared to other radishes.

Editor’s Insight: Kyokomari – the unique radish of Kyoto. For hundreds of years, this special-sized radish has been prized by locals and tourists alike as a symbol of Kyoto’s culture and culinary heritage. Its size is what sets it apart from other radishes and makes it so special – Kyokomari are perfectly round and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The stylish logo captures the uniqueness of this amazing vegetable – the Kyokomari’s bright red color, distinctive shape, and size are perfectly shown through the packaging.