La Louvière | Chocolates


القاهرة، محافظة القاهرة‬، مصر

When the flowers and chocolates meet, La Louvière will show like a stunning star in the sky. La Louvière’s owners have a huge flowers brand in Saudi Arabia so they decided to make it much bigger when they came up with the idea to bring both chocolates and flowers in the same place with a remarkable story inspired by La Louvière which is a Belgian city, The art, meth, love all come together in this spectacular city.

We got the inspiration to design this stunning mark that we got inspired by Louvière’s flag we could use the ducks in a simple way to appear like a shining flower with these perfect lines so we can feel the elegant feeling and make the brand more recognizable. When we talk about the logotype we can say it’s the perfect design for the brand mark to emphasize the luxury and the nobility of this brand.

The artistic line illustration was the best concept to express the art and love of this brand with an elegant feeling and calm colors. Minimal illustrations in the pack design were a great way to talk more about the history and the tales in simple lines which express the city and its lovers with a fancy feeling for the most amazing experience when you have new worlds to discover.