Inspired by the beauty and serenity of Abbey’s Arboretum, my use of oils relieves stress and improves well-being. The vaporization of these oils can relieve stress and improve well-being.

The concept is rooted in the rich heritage of the usage of herbs that trace back many centuries. I especially focused on the medieval era. In this period gardening and plants carried many meanings besides providing food. Gardens symbolized the paradise of Eden Gardensin the middle ages were strongly imbued with religious symbolism such as the labyrinths.

In a modern interpretation, it is connected to self-knowledge. Back then,the symbolism behind the maze was the excruciating journey of the soul toward God through penance. That peculiar practice is where the idea of the name originates from. Leviticus is the 3rd book of the Bible, and it instructions about reaching purity through rituals and being able to live in the holy presence of God. I associated the word leviticus with levitation which refers to the elevated soul as ascending vapor is produced by the evaporation of the oil.

During the processes, the plants go through three statuses. From solid to liquid-as a clear extraction of active ingredients-then it turns a gaseous body. How do transform something material into spiritual? The packaging creates the feeling of undetermined ascendance of steam. I eliminated the straight sides as much as it’s possible to create a box with curved sides in lieu of straight ones.

The graphic runs along the entire box, across the edges of the fold. I highlighted the curve of the sides with a blue gradient. All three symbols which are an important part of the image have been represented on the box. In cases of plant representations the yellow illustrations can be related to the material world, the drops represent the essential oil extract of the plant while the rasters symbolize the gaseous substance produced during evaporation.