In times in which everything works in a rush, Levitt is a brand that tries to bring more practicality to its customers day basis offering pre-ready frozen meals that don’t require complex preparations but also don’t exempt from varied, tasty and high-quality food. Here the order is to be dynamic and uncomplicated and, as its products preparations, its visual communication reflects this simplicity, rapidity and lightness of things.

In terms of design choices, it was added arc-shaped cuts to the original typeface that form empty spaces which make the logo lighter and brought dynamism to it. The letter ‘V”, which has a gentle curvature, in the center of the word brings balance and a casual look to the general aspect of the design. While the vibrant colours, the casual design and the disposition of the packaging elements communicate with the customers in a dynamic, close and uncomplicated way which reflects the practicality of the products offered by the brand.