TCWC I Thirsty Crew Wine Club.


Wine is a saturated market: in Spain alone, there are more than 5,000 very small wineries with ranges with an average of 5 wines, new vintages, sub-brands, estates, styles, and prices. Against this backdrop, a group of passionate wine enthusiasts discover new, unknown, and interesting wines and succeed, through trial and error, in classifying small, daring gems which transcend patterns and preconceptions.

With this millennial audacity, the TCWC Thirsty Crew Wine Club proposes thirsty wine lovers explore… And what better way to do so than with a format which breaks away from convention and enhances the enjoyment of the drinking experience: the can.

Unknown, surprising, and well-priced wines.


  • Self-explanatory packaging which differentiates the product range.
  • A visual impact which stimulates consumers to find out more and which appeals to a very millennial generation with no previous wine-drinking experience.
  • A certain halo of intrigue which highlights the promoters’ efforts to seek out true gems.


We code the wines very intuitively so that, with basic shapes and primary but very striking colours, they place the consumer at the heart of the product.
Differentiation is important, so that each type of wine is perceived as unique and part of a specific range.
Boldness in format, colours, and name… Perfectly aligned with what is expected of this type of product. A strong packaging that also establishes the Brand Call: TCWC.


Absence of complex coding, simplicity of elements to embed the proposition firmly in the consumer’s mind. Lay-out designed to make an impact and fix basic shapes.

Laid bare, the product is referenced by Club members. Credentials endorse the quality of the liquid, without artifice, without embellishment.

A certain irreverence and disruption with classic wine structures and messages, democratising its consumption to the maximum without demands or challenges. The consumer is the focus and the protagonist. A wine brand born for urbanites, a wine for new times which challenges how this world is appreciated and viewed.


The support already provides us with a clear differentiation in terms of both sustainability and visual impact. Development, using recyclable materials, ties in with one of the millennial attributes, which is their commitment to the environment.


Thirsty Crew Wine Club is a way of living the passion for wine developed by a group of daring winelovers who boldly explore new appellations and varieties. The club for those thirsty for wine… Thirsty Crew Wine Club – Do you want in?

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