Weirdo – Whiskey packaging

Studio Ethur Ethur

570 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA

Studio Ethur Ethur is a nimble, brand building design agency partnering with innovative brands in consumer packaged goods, food, beverage and lifestyle markets. Our creative team is made up of thoughtful designers, dreamers, and that couples intent with strategic project management. Located on the Central Coast of California in historic downtown San Luis Obispo.

A new paradigm shift in the spirits space, Weirdo was born to service the odd ones, the ones that need celebration. Bringing in the idea that “Weird is Wonderful”, the brand celebrates the idea that creatives are often outsiders, and this is a product that brings those people together.

To connect the appropriate consumers to this product, a very specific aesthetic, & concept was required. Weirdo reached out to us to develop a brand that transcended the traditional whiskey market in a way that was undeniably individual. We developed a visually striking label through a rigorous creative process, shooting reference material for illustrative purposes, many layout comps and vessel selections. The final product comprised of an uncoated paper from Avery Dennison, coupling print processes overprinting inks on foils, holographic foils, finishing with delicate emboss and debases. The result was a label that has multiple reads, from multiple distances that the consumer is sure to connect with.

Studio Ethur Ethur developed the brand identity, packaging, web to bring this brand to market. Packaging strategy was at the forefront of this project, utilizing complex manufacturing techniques to set it apart from the rest of its competitors. An accompanying web experience was also developed to give their b2b business a place to learn more as well as connect with wholesale opportunities.