Blossom Time is an emerging old Shanghai souvenir brand. The brand inherits the taste of old Shanghai famous stores and inspires new customer experience. The company mainly produces cakes and biscuits. The company maintains traditional taste in product research and development, relying on modern advanced equipment, constantly innovating technology, learning from others, constantly exploring and thinking. Create the entrepreneurial spirit of “honesty and trustworthiness, hard work, innovation and progress”, follow the trend of the times, strengthen quality and safety management, take high-quality and delicious food as our responsibility, and control the quality and safety of products from the source to the end of the product.

Blossom Time是新兴的老上海纪念品品牌。品牌传承老上海名店的味道,激发新的顾客体验。企业主要生产蛋糕、饼干。公司在产品研发上保持传统品味,依托现代先进设备,不断创新技术,博采众长,不断探索,不断思考。塑造“诚实守信、拼搏拼搏、创新进取”的创业精神,顺应时代潮流,加强质量安全管理,以优质美味食品为己任,把关质量安全关产品从源头到产品的末端。