Caprae is a modern wine that is based on ancient traditions of winemaking in Armenia. Established in 2022, the wine came to clash the cultural heritage of winemaking with the strong pillars of the past and the advanced technologies of today.

Our team was introduced a good product that had a goal to become a legendary brand. From naming to full branding and packaging design, we wanted to create a brand that one cannot ignore when seen on the shelves. So we started our research and discovered a legend that was more than related to our product.

As the legend of the drunken goat states, wine has been discovered as a drink that quenches our thirst for emotions. Therefore,  we chose Caprae ( Latin ) –  a she-goat, as the main character and inspiration behind the brand and named the wines accordingly.

In packaging design, we wanted to highlight the uniqueness and individuality of the product. With hand-drawn illustrations and elegant design, we ended up with a packaging that became one of the most famous and eye-catching wines in the industry.


Creative Director: Davit Hovagimyan
Illustrator: Sona Paytyan
Designer: Sargis Ghazaryan
3D Artist: Avetiq Nersisyan
Caprae Winery