Made With Maude. Mission in a Bottle.

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Made with Maude. Mission in a Bottle.

We don’t follow the rest. We want stories to be told. Made with Maude started spontaneously on a beautiful evening in Lisbon. During a conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion and the challenge of inequality that many women face. Also in the world of wine. Made with Maude is about making a positive change in this world together. It’s a movement. A movement to offer women the opportunities that they deserve. We are here to offer a stage for these women, and help restore the balance.

Made with Maude’s aim is to set up an international movement to strive for equality. Collaborating just with female winemakers to offer pure and honest and extraordinary wine collections. So, we think ‘tastes good’ and ‘do good’ can be in the same sentence! Sparks of joy, creating remarkable moments and celebrating life in an ideal world!

Well, we are thirsty for change. So do you?