The World is full of budding chefs and novice cooks; foodies full of passion, with experimentation at their hearts. But for many, hours in the kitchen grinding spices and making condiments from scratch just isn’t where they’re at their most creative.

Chef Niyi’s Novice Kitchen condiments range uses this insight, together with the natural ingredients that featured in abundance in his childhood growing up in Nigeria – and subsequent travels across Asia and the Americas – to inspire easy-to-use sauces, sambals and jams packed full of intense flavour.

Niyi’s big personality and knowledge and love of food and flavour is truly uplifting, so we knew he had to take centre-stage on his packaging, surrounded by a cornucopia of illustrations of the spices and ingredients he knows so well to showcase each of the products in the range. And its this blend of natural ingredients, multi-cultural flavour, passion and simplicity that empowers every budding Jamie, Gordon and Angela to cook up imaginative and tasty creations every day.