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Packaging design for the new Rajo Vegan range

Rajo has long involved in plant-based product development. The result of this invaluable work is the new Rajo Vegan range of plant-based products. Our agency was a proud partner in the preparation of the packaging design, from logo to print data preparation.

Rajo Vegan is the ideal alternative to milk products. It surprises with its creaminess and delicious taste. The entire range has been certified V-Label.

Our brief was to develop a design concept that would catch the eye and be easily recognizable on the shelf in the store. Therefore, the bright green watercolor color and the perfect creamy dishes were the obvious choices.

We thank the Rajo marketing team for their trust and for the opportunity to be part of the launch of the new Rajo Vegan range.

What will you have for your meal? Creamy soup, cream sauce, Tiramisu for dessert, or a fruit cup with whipped cream? One thing is clear you don’t have to compromise anymore. Thanks to the 100% plant-based ingredients, we can enjoy our favorite dishes in a lighter version.