Royal Lab & Roastery


Khartoum, Sudan

Royal Lab & Roastery™

The people of Saudi can’t get their hands on premium-quality coffee beans inside of Saudi, even though, they are willing to pay a premium price for it. So, Royal Lab & Roastery™ steps in and fill that gap.


The goal is to make a royal-looking packaging for the brand, to reflect the why behind the brand’s existence. The packaging colors are Saudi most dominant colors (green & yellow), also, the pattern used is the coffee beans plant at its prime. The packaging design features the word ‘Royal’ throughout, to make the brand stand out as the ultimate and premium solution.

The Results

Immediately, the brand sales and recognition took off, they launch their first coffee shop for their customers to experience the royalty at its peak. Also, they have a new focus which is to branch out to a B2B business model.