Sleepgen is a conceptual idea of a leading wellness company.

Sleepgen Supplements’ design language is centered around the concept of minimalism and its connection to sleep, emphasizing the profound impact that simple choices can have on our overall well-being. The design process seeks to distill the brand’s essence into a clean and concise visual identity that communicates Sleepgen Supplements’ commitment to helping people achieve better sleep.

The logo is a logotype designed to be approachable and friendly, with a typeface that exudes warmth and trust. This reflects the brand’s dedication to creating products that are accessible and easy to use. The color scheme for the project draws inspiration from the morning sky for the AM supplement and the night sky for the PM supplement. The morning sky’s bright and uplifting colors of blues and yellows are used to reflect the AM supplement’s energizing effects, while the night sky’s deep and calming colors of blues and purples represent the PM supplement’s relaxing qualities.

The iconic sun and moon with stars serve as the primary brand imagery, representing the two ends of the sleep spectrum and their effects on the body’s circadian rhythm. These minimalist icons convey a sense of calm and serenity, echoing the brand’s message of restful sleep.
The typography is clean, crisp, and tight for maximum readability, with sans-serif typefaces used throughout. This creates a modern and sleek feel, emphasizing the brand’s focus on simplicity and effectiveness. The overall design language and process are geared towards clear and concise communication, with the goal of making the brand’s message easily understandable to its audience.

In summary, Sleepgen Supplements’ design language and process prioritize simplicity and clarity, with the goal of conveying the brand’s commitment to improving people’s sleep. The logotype, color palette, iconography, and typography all work together seamlessly to create a clean and approachable visual identity that inspires trust and confidence in the brand’s products.