Ahmed AbdAllah

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Sparrow Roast Coffee Co. is a distinctive coffee brand that specializes in sourcing coffee from tropical regions while prioritizing quality, ethical sources, and local appeal.

I have developed a comprehensive brand identity and package design concept that can be seamlessly adapted to various product lines. The branding strategy seeks to blend the conventional and recognizable with vivid, contemporary elements. The color palette and illustrations draw inspiration from the unique flora and fauna of South America. The illustration style of Sparrow Roast is striking and graphic, incorporating the right amount of texture and atmosphere to add depth to the design. It exudes an artisanal quality, energy, and a handmade feel.

The exceptional aspect of this brand is its status as a local roaster based in Savannah, GA, setting it apart from other coffee brands in the area that typically exhibit a more austere aesthetic. Sparrow Roast’s lively colors and fanciful illustrations create an unparalleled experience that transports customers to a tropical paradise.