Time-honoured favourites never go out of style, and it is no surprise that Ljubljanske Mlekarne’s ice creams are just as popular as when they first hit the market. Tom, Lučka and Ježek´s gang has been refreshing Slovenian summers for more than 60 years. Such is their importance that back in Slovenia, they refer to ice lollies as lučka! Join us to take a closer look at this legendary re-design.

How can a legendary Brand be honoured, without having to lose its essence that so attracts generations of both Millennials and Alphas alike?

The biggest challenge was to redesign the iconic characters using their unique style and strokes. We strived to preserve the distinctive features of the graphic style, whilst still adding a more childlike and contemporary touch to achieve a timeless representation. This redesign involved updating the entire graphic ecosystem of the brand, using flat lines and softer, pastel colours in order to stay consistent with the concept of childhood.