Casta De Locos Wines – Loco De Entrada

Vantablack Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina


“Crazy at the entrance” is a reflection of the human drive to explore new paths and dive into the darkness, in search of something beyond the known. We immerse ourselves in the ancient practice of alchemy, the ability to transmute the ordinary into something exceptional, to push the limits of what’s possible and take it to the next level. Throughout generations, this fascinating discipline has been explored by our ancestors, and now, Casta de Locos embodies this tradition to the fullest.

Each bottle of Casta de Locos becomes an exciting invitation to delve into the shadows and explore the limits of the unknown. We aim to convey this sense of bold exploration through a relaxed and cutting-edge label design. We utilize visual elements that enhance and generate a unique visual impact. Carefully chosen alchemical symbols intertwine with modern lines and shapes, creating a captivating and mysterious aesthetic.

Casta de Locos presents itself as a transformative elixir, the liquid manifestation of alchemy itself. Our team of designers has worked diligently to capture the essence of creative madness and the pursuit of the extraordinary in every detail of the packaging. Every time you hold a bottle of Casta de Locos, you can feel the energy of those who ventured into the realms of the unknown before us.

However, despite our inclination for the unexplored, we never neglect elegance. Madness and sophistication can coexist in perfect harmony. That’s why we strive to maintain a delicate balance in our design. Elegant lines and captivating colors merge with bold elements, creating a work of art that reflects both unbridled passion and class and distinction.

Casta de Locos is much more than a beverage; it is a sensory experience that challenges established limits and invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of modern alchemy. Each bottle is a gateway to a realm of unlimited possibilities, where madness and elegance coexist in perfect symbiosis. So, venture into the darkness, discover the unknown, and let Casta de Locos guide you on an extraordinary journey towards the extraordinary. May madness never detract from elegance.