Dér Juice is a family business based in Derecske, Hungary, which has been producing premium 100% fruit juices for almost 30 years. They work with sustainability and environmental protection in mind, and aim to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible.

By redesigning the brand identity, I wanted to create packaging that would stand out on store shelves and differentiate itself from the competitors. My main principles in creating the design were simplicity and elegance. The primary logo is based on a typographic play on the company name (dér means hoarfrost), and the secondary logo is a unique snowflake symbol made of rhombuses with droplets incorporated into it and it also reminds people of a folk floral motif.

The company makes juices in a variety of flavours, most of which are based on apple juice. Of these, I chose 4 flavours, for which I designed unique labels and caps, as well as a four-pack of paper in which these flavours can be bought as one. I added coasters to my project as an extra design element. In the spirit of uniformity, the shape of both the labels and the pack is defined by the rhombus shape. The colour coding of the labels on the bottles is given by the colour variations of the secondary logo and one of the elements of the line pattern.


Faragó Zsolt

Designer: Faragó Zsolt
Consulting teacher: Tóth Judit
Consulting teacher: Szőcs Eszter
Consulting teacher: Szinvai Dániel
School: Corvin Art School