Fruits&more entomo protein bar packaging


Fruits&more is a fruit bar with the addition of cricket flour. It is full of fruits and not only.

The use of insect flour as an ingredient in protein bars is a new concept in the food industry. Food insects are useful – they contain a lot of proteins, vitamins (B12) and minerals. The low consumption of resources in production makes insects real climate saviors and an eco-friendly substitute for animal protein. The packaging design of such products should be able to convey the benefits of cricket flour and attract the attention of customers without pushing them away.

The design is inspired by nature – there is always a small bug in a basket filled with fruit. I have created an illustrative pattern of fruits and insects that fills the entire package, which supports the ideas of fullness of usefulness – fruits and not only.

The typography is simple and easy to read, with an emphasis on the brand name and the taste of the protein bar. The inscriptions are made in the form of stickers on fruits.  The reverse side of the package also borrows the sticker technique – all important information and the barcode are made in this style.