Guanrakjae Brand Identity & Package Design


Gwanakjae is a brand that sells premium joint health functional food containing 11 joint nutrients. Hour Minute Seconds created the brand identity and package design of Kwanrakjae.

Approach and solution

Korean Tradition & Modern Mood We tried to convey the harmonious atmosphere of Korea’s tradition and modernity through Korean lettering, illustration, and patterns. The crane in the style of ink painting adds a modern atmosphere with a restrained illustration style.

USP (User Selling Point) As a premium joint supplement containing 11 types of joint nutrients, it is a selling point with high ingredient content and I wanted to communicate strongly with customers. The package was designed with vivid blue color and large connection icons so that the presence of the package and the understanding of the ingredients and performance of the product can be understood even on small screens in the online environment.

Package design

Title lettering, color, illustration, pattern, and icon design elements are consistently applied to product packages, PTPs, ingredient descriptions, shopping bags, etc. to convey the luxurious atmosphere of Gwanrakjae.