Joya – rebranding


Joya is a popular and respected brand in the plant-based beverage market, offering a wide range of beverages including almond, coconut and oat drinks. But the packaging is not the most modern solution. The current packaging does not stand out from the competition and is impractical as there is no 1L packaging only.

In this project, I aimed to create a youth-friendly design and packaging that reflects the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while providing a vibrant and characterful look.

The main considerations in the design of the packaging were the ease of transport and consumption of the product. That’s why the half-liter format was chosen, which the brand doesn’t currently have, and so that the packaging didn’t prevent us from drinking every last drop, I replaced the rectangular body shape with a form that squeezes at the top and placed the cap in the middle. In addition, the sides of the box are bent for a comfortable grip.

The design of the packaging is dominated by youthful colors and a vibrant look to attract the attention of the target audience. To make the packaging informative, I have included important information on the packaging, such as the key properties of the product and what nutrients are contained. At the same time, to give the design character, I used creative graphics and illustrations that, in addition to color coding, make it even easier to distinguish the different types of dairy drinks on the shelves.