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Shifting the cognition of the play itself, We proposed a ‘trustworthy and positive value’ that both a child and parent could appreciate for the brand that will bring a new trend in the child playtoy market. We established the brand value, and from the basis of this, the brand name and slogan, ‘Peekaby’ and ‘Time to explore baby’s world, were developed to intuitively deliver positive cognition to the brand and the brand experience. In addition, We designed the brand experience as an effective playtoy brand and parenting supporter by utilizing visual assets related to the brand image.

Brand Story ​​​​​​​

Two years after childbirth is a challenging period in parenting. A lot of labor, physical, and psychological resources will be put into this period of maternity and parenting, and those resources contribute to the increase of parenting quality and efficacy of a family. We branded Peekaby with a mission to be a trustworthy and helpful supporter for those who just now gave birth, and are in parenting. Days are full of Joy and surprising plays to children. The brand name, Peekaby, is a mixture of ‘Peeka-a-boo’ and ‘baby’, and it presents a brand mission: Add marvelous surprises in mundane days to children who will find the play ordinary by making parents join it with children.

Brand Value & Slogan

As a parenting service platform and play kit which gives aid to growth both of child and parent, Peekaby presents the joy of enjoying the play itself to children and confidence and efficacy in childrearing to a parent. We developed the slogan ‘ TIME TO EXPLORE CHILDREN’S WORLD’ based on the content of the service that encourages parents to take part in raising children. The core brand value of Peekaby represents by three keywords: ‘Boundless, ‘Reliable, and ‘Enjoyable.’ We made them construct an invariant and distinctive brand image by expanding them to the omnidirectional brand experience.

Design Principle

Peekaby’s design principles are ‘Flexible and Minimal, Vivid and Lively, Friendly and Thoughtful.’ Those are derived from the established brand’s core values: infinity, joy, and trust. They create a consistent brand identity that applies to the visual expression from product design to brand application.